Guitars and the internet

As guitarists we are proud of our collection of guitars and often take every opportunity to post pictures on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social media sites. We love to discuss our guitars and the reasons we chose this particular guitar. We are careful in choosing each and every guitar and spend a long time looking for “the one”, and then, more often than not, we buy it off the internet. We are happy to spend our hard-earned cash on an instrument we have never seen or played before, from a shop we have never visited before. We often buy guitars based on video reviews we have seen on the internet, often by the same people who work for the internet shops that are trying to sell you the guitar you are interested in. Not really a subjective review in my opinion.

Over the last couple of days I have been spending some time working in my local music shop and I have learned a lot. Your local music shop is not just somewhere to buy instruments from, people come in for advice, a chat, and sometimes, just to look at the guitars. Local music shops are a community hub for the musicians in your area, and many bands are formed and ideas swapped in them. The staff are usually friendly and are more than happy to offer help and advice in any area of music.

By visiting your local music shop you get to play your guitar before buying and, after you have bought the guitar, have access to great, face to face customer service that you can not get over the internet. Often people will visit the local shop to try a guitar, and then buy over the internet for less money than the local shop can sell for. The trouble with this is that the same model of guitar can feel completely different when set up. The one you receive from the internet may well play totally different from the guitar you tried and liked in the shop.

I can understand why we buy from the internet, the prices are often lower, and we can have next day delivery on a greater choice of instruments, but do me a favour. The next time you are looking for a guitar, visit your local music shop first, try out the guitar you fancy buying, and ask the owner, can you price match this guitar? They often can and sometimes can beat the internet price, also don’t forget to add in the delivery charge.

Another great benefit of visiting your local music shop is you can try a selection of instruments, and if you forget about brands and names, may well surprise yourself at the instrument you like. I recently tried a copy of a popular guitar which was priced at £149 and I can honestly say it was the best version of that guitar shape I have ever played.

The point I am making is I think we should support our local music shops or we may well lose them. One final point, if you break a string or have lost your capo at 4.30pm on a Saturday and have a gig that night, will the internet be there for you?

Have fun and support your local music shop.

About smguitars

I am a professional guitarist and RGT guitar teacher. I have been playing guitar for over 30 years and teaching for nearly 20 years. I have built this blog to be a free resource for guitar players of all styles, ages, and abilities with the aim of improving your playing, knowledge, and enjoyment of the guitar. There are many free online lessons with more being added weekly. I also teach privately from my studio in Hunmanby if you are looking for one to one tuition.

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