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Choosing A Capo

I have never used a capo before.   I always viewed them with suspicion and would play the most ridiculously voiced chords to avoid using one.

That is until a student of mine turned up with a new capo.  It was made by a company called G7th.  I tried the capo for myself and as soon as the lesson had finished went and ordered one.  Read on to find out why.
First of all it looks really cool.  They are a kind of brushed metal finish, zinc-alloy im told, and they don’t have any of those levers that stick out of other capos making them look like some kind of medieval torture implement.  The capo has a very sturdy feel to it and has protection in all the right areas to protect your guitar from any damage.
They work on a kind of clutch mechanism which means that the pressure is incredibly adjustable.  The capo is incredibly easy to use, put it over the top of the neck and squeeze the bottom together to the correct tension and you are good to go.  They can be speedily removed by flicking the tab on the top to release the capo’s grip and can be clipped to the end of your guitar for storage. These capos work on 12 strings, 6 string acoustics, electrics, and unbelievably it even works on my floyd rose equipped Ibanez.  I have now had my G7th capo for three years and it works and looks as good as the day I bought it.

The capos are a little bit more expensive than some other brands, coming in at just over £20 on amazon,  but the quality of this capo justifies the extra expense in my opinion.

I am converted to capos and can now play in Eb without risking severe injury.